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Absent Here but not really Gone too Far

In sustainable living on July 11, 2014 at 7:30 pm


Of course “far” is relative. I’m on our annual road trip. I’ve left the farm in good hands, and we are off seeing new things and trying to “refresh” before another year begins.

Funny how I still think in terms of a school schedule for the “new” year. New Years may be a fine start of a year for many but give me late August–and some new school supplies–to really get my blood going.

But until then, we are soaking up sun along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts in a major beach tour.

I’m reading, writing, drawing, and making plans:

1. fix brooder so that no more baby chicks are slaughtered by raccoons.
2. order MORE baby chicks. Sigh. We lost all of the ones we ordered in the spring.
3. order hives to get ready for bees in the spring.
4. making way more art. Maybe selling some art.
5. finishing the novel I’m working on now.
6. working less on paid work and more work on the stuff I like.

So I’l be back here the first week of August and will get back to the daily posting. Hope you are all enjoying your summer and using the time to refresh, too!

Traffic Jam

In sustainable living on June 17, 2014 at 9:52 am

traffic jam

Sports camps began this week and that means lots of driving. Traffic jam this morning. A herd of cows deciding the grass was greener on the other side of the road.

Been meaning to update things here but I’m enjoying my more flexible summer schedule. But the poultry are growing and the plants are taking over, especially the squash.

On the Farm This Week

In poultry on May 28, 2014 at 8:56 am


The geese and ducks are growing daily. It is such a strange think to see how much they stretch just overnight. It’s always a little shocking. I’ve thought to hold them up against the fence and make a mark like you would a kiddo but instead of yearly or bi-yearly measuring, it would have to be done every morning. So many rapid changes in such a short time.

I read something recently about how all mammals live exactly the same amount of time–something like 200,000 million breaths or something like that. So no matter your size or the actual length of your life, every mammal takes the same number of breaths. Man or mouse, your life consists of the same amount of time. Some of us just live faster than others. I think about that when I pick a goose up and feel their hearts beating rapidly. They calm down once I begin petting them but all those rapid beats and breaths before hand? Is that shortening their life?

Same with stress for humans, I expect. More breaths, less time. Deep breaths and calm mean a happier, healthier life.


Just so you know, watching the ducks and geese is fascinating business. The dogs and cats take it seriously around here, too, hanging out near the pen at all hours.

photo dog


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